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Daily Updates | File Taxes Online Directly to the IRS in 13 States This Year

File Taxes Online Directly to the IRS in 13 States This Year

Taxpayers In 13 States

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently announced a new initiative for the 2024 tax season. This groundbreaking initiative will allow certain taxpayers in thirteen states to file their income taxes directly through the IRS website. This move is a noteworthy departure from the customary reliance on third-party tax services. It offers qualifying individuals a smooth, budget-friendly way of handling their tax obligations. The innovative measure promises to revolutionize the way taxpayers file their tax returns in the future.

Under the pilot program named "Direct File," the IRS is set to enable eligible individuals in states such as Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and New York to file both their federal and state taxes directly through the IRS's online platform. 

Residents of states without income taxes, such as Alaska, Florida, Texas, and others, can use the program to file their federal returns.

This pioneering effort is a part of the IRS's broader goal to enhance accessibility and user experience, particularly for individuals with relatively straightforward tax situations. The Direct File platform accommodates various devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience for those accessing it from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel has emphasized that the Direct File pilot program aims to evaluate the platform's effectiveness in catering to a range of taxpayer needs. The initial rollout is targeted towards a limited group of eligible taxpayers, but the IRS intends to gather crucial information that will guide future improvements and expansion of the program.

Despite introducing this new online filing option, the IRS underlined that it will not replace other avenues for tax preparation, including assistance from tax professionals, utilization of the Free File system on, and support from volunteer-run preparation sites. The agency also encourages adopting electronic filing for faster processing and refund turnaround times.

As the program evolves, the IRS remains committed to streamlining the tax filing process and ensuring taxpayers can access efficient and reliable support for their annual tax obligations.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. The IRS is launching a pilot program, "Direct File," enabling select taxpayers in 13 states to file their income taxes directly through the IRS website without needing third-party tax services.
  2. The initiative aims to enhance accessibility and user experience, providing eligible individuals with a user-friendly, mobile-responsive platform for managing their tax obligations.
  3. While evaluating the program's feasibility and effectiveness, the IRS underscores that Direct File will complement, not replace, existing tax preparation options and encourages the continued use of electronic filing for faster processing.

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