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Daily Updates | GameStop’s Potential Mutual Fund Makeover: Unveiling Ryan Cohen’s Investment Expertise

GameStop’s Potential Mutual Fund Makeover: Unveiling Ryan Cohen’s Investment Expertise

Can GameStop Behave Like a Mutual Fund and Benefit from Ryan Cohen's Investing Chops

Recently, investors have witnessed GameStop, the iconic video game retailer, undergo a monumental transformation. With the authorization of Ryan Cohen (CEO) to manage the securities portfolio, the company is now exploring ways to employ its investing expertise to its advantage. 

For those who don’t know, Gamestop released its third quarter results in which they introduced a new investment policy. The policy states that the company allows Ryan Cohen to supervise investments and invest in equity securities on behalf of the firm. Ryan Cohen is the current CEO of GameStop.

However, many analysts are against the new investment policy. Normally, companies use excess cash to buy back their own shares. This drives optimism among investors that promoters are betting on the growth of the company. Since GameStop is looking for better investment opportunities it may suggest that the CEO is betting on companies that are likely to outperform its own, which is a bad sign for the market. Therefore, investors of GameStop are worried.

Although the company has excess cash to invest, its quarterly sales are down approximately 9% compared to last year at $1.08 billion. Shares of Gamestop are trading at 15 dollars, down almost 80% from its all-time high in 2021. However, the stock reacted positively to the news and rose 10%. Which shows the optimism retail investors have over Ryan Cohen.

Even though analysts are not supporting the move, many industry insiders speculate whether GameStop can similarly tap into Cohen’s talent and transform itself into something more akin to a mutual fund. Cohen was a founder of, a pet supply e-commerce platform, and successfully transformed it into a major player in the pet supplies market and sold the company at a staggering $3.3 billion in 2017.

Thereafter, he made four investments through his firm RC ventures using the amount he received from the sale. He came to the news when he invested heavily in blue chip companies like Apple and Wells Fargo & co. The other two include Bed Bath & Beyond and GameStop. Ryan Cohen purchased shares of Gamestop in 2020 (13% of all outstanding shares) and joined the board in 2021. The stock of GameStop used to be the meme stock and rose to 80 dollars when Elon Musk tweeted about it.

Michael Pachter and Nick McKay, Wedbush Securities analysts said the move to include equity securities in investment policy is alarming and inane. Pachter added, “If GameStop truly believes in the value of its shares, it should use its excess cash to buy back stock”.

Even though some analysts are not in favor of new changes in investment policy, there is an advantage. Given the enormous cash reserve that GameStop has, if the company gets into the mutual fund space, the retailer can hold, purchase, or sell a monstrous range of funds. What’s more, the ability of Ryan Cohen has the potential to change the landscape of the company.

In essence, many people are wondering whether GameStop can act like a mutual fund and leverage Cohen's investment knowledge to achieve significant profits. Mutual funds aggregate money from multiple investors to invest in a diverse range of assets to achieve long-term growth. Similarly, GameStop might benefit from Ryan Cohen's retail business understanding and strategic investments to push the company on a new path.

Cohen has already proven his ability to turn a failing firm into a thriving one with With tremendous sales growth and a dedicated client base, The online pet retailer became a dominant force in its market under his leadership.

By adopting Ryan Cohen's (CEO) approach and leveraging his investment skills, GameStop may be able to rebuild itself and become a leader in the quickly changing gaming and technology scene.

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About the company - GameStop

GameStop, a leading retailer in the video game industry, has been a household name for gamers and enthusiasts since its inception in 1984. The company has become synonymous with its vast selection of video games, consoles, and accessories, catering to the needs of millions of gamers worldwide. 

With approximately a whopping 6,000 retail locations across the globe, GameStop has become a perfect place for gamers of all ages, offering both new and pre-owned games at normal prices. 

In addition to its physical stores, GameStop took advantage of the digital era by launching its online platform. Which allowed customers to conveniently purchase games and download them directly to their gaming consoles. This shift towards digital distribution has undoubtedly contributed to GameStop's continued success and relevance in a competitive industry. 

GameStop has remained at the forefront of gaming trends by forming strategic alliances with key game developers and console makers, guaranteeing that its customers have access to the most recent releases and cutting-edge gaming technology. As the gaming market evolves, GameStop remains committed to delivering its devoted customer base with great customer service and an unparalleled gaming experience.

Earning Estimates of GameStop

The company is expected to -0.02 dollars per share by the end of the fiscal year, a change of 98% compared to last year. Sales of the company are also likely to go up compared to last quarter. Analysts are positive about the growth figures of the company and the estimates have increased 88%. That is one of the factors why investors trust Ryan Cohen. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The board of directors allowed Ryan Cohen, the CEO of GameStop to manage the investment space of the company along with investment in equity securities, which was previously limited to only debt securities.
  • Some known analysts are not impressed by the decision and called it “alarming” while others said it should use excess cash to purchase its own shares through the process of buyback.
  • While some are negative, others are optimistic due to the proven track record of Ryan Cohen and believe he can transform the future of GameStop.
  • The company is estimated to post good numbers which could increase the cash reserves of the company.