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Daily Updates | Tom Lee’s Winning Portfolio: Top Picks Outperforming the S&P 500

Tom Lee’s Winning Portfolio: Top Picks Outperforming the S&P 500

Tom Lee winning portfolio

The founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee, recently came up with a finalised list of stocks after quarterly reshuffling in his master portfolio. Lee’s master portfolio is called the Granny Shots portfolio. His portfolio is known to outperform the S & P index since 2019, its inception date. 

The name of the portfolio is named after a popular basketball underhand trick shot, which is considered as highly efficient. 

As per the Fundstrat global’s website, the portfolio is up by 157.3%, from the date of its inception. While on the other hand, the S&P 500 is only up by 68.4%. Within this year the Granny Shots portfolio has shown a rally of 19.33% as compared to 13.9% up in the S&P 500. 

The reshuffling is driven by the high tension geopolitical tension in the recent months. The 10 year treasury yield benchmark traded within the distance of the key 5% level. Amid a lot of negative signs, Lee sees is positive on the stock market to show a good rally going forward as the year end comes close.

In the recent reshuffling Lee added seven new names to the portfolio, while one new name added in the“Super Grannies'  basket, It is Lee’s list of the most attractive five buys. 

The new name in the Super Grannies basket is “Everest Group.” Although the stock has shown a jump of 23% since the start of the year, but Lee still sees a lot of upside potential in it. 

“The entire Insurance sector has exhibited superior relative strength over the past year, and EG’s sudden breakout of an eight-month base is a larger positive, than any negative associated with short-term overbought conditions,” Fundstrat’s Mark Newton added. 

Hess, an energy firm, has made it to the list, after showing a 16% rally this year. It was also declared as the top dividend paying stock by Morgan Stanley in early October 2023. 


Compute software giant Oracle has made into Lee’s list this time. Although the stock has shown a percent pullback, but its growth is impressive. The stock has shown an incredible price growth of 32% since the beginning of this year. 

Evercore ISI promoted Oracle’s share from in line to overweight, considering the company's constant revenue and earning’s growth. Although the stock was trading at the lower valuation making it a great  point of entry for the buyers. Even CNBC and other stock screen’s are also pointing towards upward growth in the last quarter. 

Caterpillar has also been included in the list. Its share price has already shown an upward rally of more than 30% this year only. It would be interesting to see where it will end up. 

Retail buyers of the stock market can leverage from the insights of Lee’s new addition in the list. It would be interesting to see the outcome gains by the end of this quarter from the addition of new names in the Tom’s Granny Shots portfolio.

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