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Earn | How to Make 100$ in a Day- 21 Creative Ways in 2023

How to Make 100$ in a Day- 21 Creative Ways in 2023

Make 100$ in a day

What if we tell you that earning 100 dollars a day is way easier than you think it to be? Earlier there existed very limited ways of earning money if you don't have any skill or if you are not able to do physical Labour. But today in this technology-driven world everything is possible. Do not have any skills, no problem. You just need to devote some of your time to the ways we are going to tell you to make money real quick.No educational qualification, no skills, no money to start your journey….no problem we will find a job for you. The only thing that's needed is your will to earn money. Your search on how to make $100 a day will end here.

So whether you are a student who just wants to earn his pocket money or an unemployed person fighting hard to earn, you will find ways that you can choose and start getting $100 right away.

The world is deficient in people who are strong-willed to work honestly. If you are one of them then success is guaranteed.

We have tried to assimilate the best 30 ways needing almost no skill or equipment to make $100 fast. So grab your money bags and get ready to fill them out each day with $100.Cause after reading this blog you won't ever gonna doubt the possibility or earning money with almost no hard work.

Without wasting any time further let's start with the nerd inside you:

1. Book Review

Are you an avid reader, who reads a lot of books?

If yes, then congratulations this habit of yours is going to pave the way for your first income to make $100 today from passive sources. We bring to you a list of websites that actually pay you to read and review books. You just need to make an account and start reviewing the allotted books. These sites are 

  1. Online book club

It is counted as one of the most honest sites about their review rates.It simply says you can get anywhere between five to sixty dollars per review based on the quality of your review.

  1. U.S. Review of Books

They expect the reviews to be more to the point and clear. One of the perks of this site is that they give you the option to read whichever book you like. Payments are done monthly. 

  1. Book browse

You just have to right one review here to get $100.They provide books in the genre of adult fiction, nonfiction, and sometimes young adult fiction.

  1. Kirkus

Thinking about how to make  $100 fast? Kirkus provides one of the best returns on your reviews but they require high-quality reviews in 300-350 words.

2. Standing in Line 

One of the craziest ways of earning money.No one ever imagines that they can get paid for just standing in line for someone else. But it is true, people don't like to stand and wait in line for anything. There exist such apps where people get paid for such acts. Some of them are:

  1. In line for you 

Hoppers are the customers and spotters are people who will stand in line for their customers. To make $100 today you need to download their app first.

  1. Spotblaze

The best thing about Spotblaze is that they provide real-time location of line stander. And communication is very smooth in the app.

  1. TaskRabbit 

Taskrabbit offers a wide range of services in which line standing is also one. Its a great app but it has one drawback of paying registration fee of $25 at the start.

3. Science Research Assistance

Science researchers sometimes need humans as their subjects to get actual legit data. In these research polls, they ask the subjects to answer a list of questions or express how they are feeling during the experiments. Typically, these large-scale experiments are funded by wealthy organisations. Being a part of such an experiment you can easily earn a decent amount of money. You can easily find such science experiments going on in medical institutions and physiological clinics easily through Googling.The earnings may vary depending on the type of research but you can easily get hundred dollars a day even in cash once becoming a professional volunteer.

4. Listening to Music 

Love listening to beats? Now you can get $100 for free just by listening to songs. The amount of earning through this way is a little less, but earning money for what you would do otherwise for free is the biggest advantage of it. Some of the sites that provide you money for listening are:

  1. Current 

Current gives points on listening to songs which can later be converted into gift cards or cash using PayPal.

  1. Playlist Push 

Instead of listening to music here, you have to write a review after listening. Make $100 with cash here easily, as the review rates are excellent. Each review pays you $12.

  1. Slice the Pie

One of the most popular apps is Slice the Pie. Here you can share music ideas and reviews. Here you can make $100 a day with cash from the app in your PayPal account.

  1. Earnably

A range of activities are provided here like listening to the radio, watching ads and videos, and doing local surveys. You need to earn at least 225 points or two dollars to cash out money using PayPal.

5. Chatting and getting paid

Social media was created to bridge the gap between people and connecting the world to share feelings, emotions and make friends. But it did the exact opposite. Today even after having such services at our fingertips the feeling of loneliness among youth is increasing exponentially. People want to get heard and have a connection with someone with whom they can share what they really feel. That's when people started paying money to chat with them. Today there are lots of websites available where you can chat with some of these people, some engage in flirty chats, some serious but these can really help them in expressing their thoughts and feelings and you in getting $100.

Some of the best-paying apps are:

  1. Rent cyber friend 

You must be at least 18 years of age to start earning here. This is your solution to the age-long question in your mind of how to make $100 a day. You can set your own rates here which typically range from 0.1$ to 1 $ per minute.

  1. Phrendly 

For audio and video calls, Phrendly pays close to $10 per call and for chats you can expect 0.35 dollar per initiation of chat. Therefore making $100 a day is easy here where you can earn 50-60$ per hour.

  1. Rent a local friend 

No platform fees are deducted on this platform you can keep 100% of your earnings. Also, you can set your own hourly rates.

6. Survey Answers

Similar to volunteering for science research, here is how to make $100 a day with survey answers. Here you have to be a part of a survey by filling out a form based on your views of the world mainly for market research organizations.

  1. Branded surveys

One of the most generous sites in terms of its rates, branded surveys give points that can be converted into cash. One point on the site is equal to one cent. And usually for shorter and more detailed reviews, you get better points.

  1. Toluna

Putting an exact number is difficult but still, you can earn 15-50000 points according to the website for each review. In terms of dollars, 3500 points will be roughly equal to 1 dollar.

  1. Swagbucks

Surveys take 3 to 20 minutes to complete and you can expect between 40-100 SB per survey.To give you a comparison, 1500 SB points convert into $10 in cash.

  1. One poll

On one poll we get a signup bonus of 5 $. You can expect to earn about 10$ per hour on one poll.

7. Earning Through Testing Games

Sounds like a dream job for all those gamers out there. But there's a glitch in it, this can be used as a side way to your earnings field because earning a living just by testing games is a little difficult. Some of the sites are:

  1. Play test cloud

A 15-minute playtest corresponds to $9 here.

The qualification test is unpaid.

Payments can be received in a PayPal account or gift cards in usually 3-5 days.

  1. Octappush

Per test, they offer somewhere between $5 to $10.

The problem you will face here is that of no control over the number of tests you can give. The algorithm chooses testers based on previous data.

  1. My points

Upto 4 points/$ per test.

8. Data Sharing Through Websites 

If you just want to scroll your phone all day and do nothing, there is a way of earning for all of you too. There are websites that actually pay you to share your user information with them. In more clear words you will give access to your data and you will get paid for that. Seems like a crazy idea, but it's not as crazy as you think. This website can be trusted as they don't collect your personal data, they are basically trying to use this data for research purposes and none of your private data gets leaked. All you have to do is download the apps and give them access. And for your knowledge websites that you visit, most of them are privately selling your data online illegally right now so it's better to get $100 for free.

  1. Datacoup
  1. Monetha
  1. Honeygrain
  1. Permission research

9. Offer Language Translation Services

If you know any other language than English then you can earn a decent amount of money from this skill. It includes translating documents, research papers, books and live translations. Some websites which can help you are:

  1. Translate
  1. Moneymagpie
  1. Getblend
  1. Unable
  1. Rev

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10. Writing and Editing 

If you are someone who has a passion for writing then content writing and blogging can create a great amount of wealth (way more making $100 a day) if taken seriously. Writing skillfully requires patience and dedication. There are many freelancing sites out there that look for content writers such as:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Jooble
  3. Flexjobs
  4. LinkedIn  

11. Online Tutoring

No matter how educated you are, there is always a scope to teach someone. If you are interested in teaching then you can start with primary-level students to gain confidence. Finding websites for you to apply is on us. You will easily get 100 dollars now.

  1. Magicears

You can expect to earn between $8 to $10 for each 30 minutes you teach(this is the base pay).

  1. Chegg

20$ to 30$ per hour for answering questions. But the appointment process is a little difficult.

  1. VIPKid

$7 to $9 per half hour of teaching.The more classes you teach the more your pay will increase from this base pay.


25$ per hour for freshers but here also getting a job is a difficult process.

Telegram banner

12. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has always been an option to earn. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is promoting any company's product by being a third-party advertiser, and for each sale through you, you earn money from the company.

Without any skill you can search the most viewed content on YouTube and edit its clips which are copyright free and upload them later you can go to these websites which we are mentioning in order to find products related to your content. A link will be generated which you can use in your YouTube content for marketing. Later for each sale, you will earn money on these websites.

  1. Amazon associates
  2. CJ
  3. Flexoffers
  4. Avangate
  5. Awin

13. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an online assistant who provides service or assistance to any person. This includes organising schedules, managing daily emails, the Facebook page of the company, documentation, and providing necessary information, in short making the life of their contractor easier. If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant check out these websites:

  1. Flexjobs
  2. Fiverr
  3. Belay
  4. Fancy hands
  5. Zirtual

14. Ride-sharing service

If you own a motor vehicle then you can use it to provide ride-sharing services to customers.

Some of the best websites to find customers are:

  1. Turo

You can set your own rates on Turo as per your vehicle's condition. On average, you can expect to get 30-40$ per day when starting.

  1. Uber drives 

Getting around $20 per hour is pretty easy on this app.

  1. Get around 

People are getting around 190-200 dollars per day for renting their vehicles.

15. Tourist guide 

If you live in a tourist-friendly destination then earning money by being a tourist guide is a very good option. All you need is a friendly way of communication and a thorough understanding of tourist places around you.

  1. Rent a local friend 
  2. ToursByLocals
  3. Shiroube

16. Food delivery

If you want to earn good wishes while earning money at the same time then this is your best option. The best feeling for a hungry customer is seeing you at his door with his favourite food delivery in your hand. Some of the best-paying food delivery sites are:

  1. Doordash

New drivers can make at least 15$ for an hour on doordash.Once became an expert driver you can expect about 20-25 $ per hour.

  1. Grabhub

Currently grabhub is paying 15 dollars per hour to its drivers on average.

  1. Uber eats

They pay based on the number of deliveries made by the driver.Typically you can expect to get 20 dollars an hour plus some incentives and tips.

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17. Convert books into audiobooks

Your voice can be your next weapon to get $100 a day. All needed is a good microphone and your interest in reading books out loud.

  1. Audiobook creative exchange 
  2. Voices
  3. Spoken Realms
  4. VO Planet

18. Get paid to walk

Imagine someone paying you just to walk and step forward in life, it's hard to believe.

But many charitable organisations are working towards making the world more fit and healthy. If you are interested in it then check the following websites:

  1. Charity miles 
  2. Evidation
  3. Fit Potato
  4. Sweatcoin
  5. Betterpoints 

19. Testing websites and apps 

Many software developers look for normal people to test their apps, widely known as "user tests".You can make 100$ today by registering on such websites. All they need is an honest reviewer with a microphone and a webcam. You can check the following websites if you are interested:

  1. Usertesting

On User Testing you can earn $4 for a 5-minute test, $10 for a 20-minute test, and $30-$120 for live interviews.You need to submit your email address and complete application procedures online to start testing.

Other websites are:

  1. Enroll
  2. UTest
  3. TrymyUI

20. Customer support

Yes, nowadays it is possible to provide customer support services right from your home. You can make $100 today by applying for this job on these sites:

  1. Ajilon
  2. CVS Health
  3. Randstand
  4. Sutherland

21. Watching videos online 

It's hard to believe that you can make $100 today just by watching videos on your phone. Your search on how to make $100 ends here.Just signup on these websites and start to get $100.

  1. ySense
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Cointiply
  4. Perktv


We hope your search on how to get 100 dollars a day is fulfilled here. We tried to assimilate the best ways possible from which the age-long question of how to make 100 dollars fast in a day can be answered thoroughly. In starting your career and uplifting your money needs these sites will be very useful. If you find any difficulties towards getting $100 now, you can reach us anytime in the comments section below.