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Learn | Top 10 Investment Companies for Growing Your Wealth

Top 10 Investment Companies for Growing Your Wealth

Investment Companies

It is important to make informed decisions to accumulate long-term wealth and the selection of the best financial investment firms can fast-forward your financial success. In this guide, we will explore the top 10 investment companies that are known for growing your wealth. 

Accumulating wealth and growing assets is essential for a safe and financially secure retirement. However, it is not as easy as it looks. With limited time and knowledge at your disposal, you can not afford to make all your investment decisions yourself as it can put you in financial jeopardy. 

You need a professional financial advisor from the best investment firms to help you grow your wealth and safeguard your assets. We have carefully evaluated and listed the top investment companies in the USA so you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Top 10 Investment Companies in the USA

After careful consideration, these are the top investment companies in the USA that are best for an investment account. 


Founded in 1975, the Vanguard Group Inc. is an investment company based in Valley Forge, PA. It has about $7.2 trillion in assets under management(AUM) and over 18,000 employees. It is one of the world’s largest companies, offering more than 80 ETFs and 160 mutual funds

In fact, it is known as the largest provider of mutual funds and the second-largest provider of ETFs, after BlackRock. The company is known for providing funds with competitive long-term growth and some of the best low-cost ETFs on the market. Moreover, Vanguard customers pay a $0 commission when trading ETFs and stocks online. 

JP Morgan Chase

Founded in 1871 by JP Morgan, JP Morgan Chase & Company is the largest bank in the United States. It is a multinational investment bank headquartered in New York City and offers commission-free trading online with advanced tools and insights to help make informed decisions. 

The biggest benefit of investing with JP Morgan is that it provides access to a global network that offers a plethora of products and customizations according to your financial goals. The company offers a wide range of investment vehicles, from stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds to retirement plans such as traditional and Roth IRAs

Moreover, JP Morgan also offers self-directed investing, allowing investors to make unlimited $0 commission online trades through or the company’s dedicated mobile app. 


Founded in 1945, Fidelity Investments is a large financial services company with approximately $4.5 trillion in assets under management and a net revenue of $24 billion in 2021. It was the first major company in the United States to offer mutual fund investing to the public. 

The company introduced zero-expense mutual funds along with zero-expense-ratio equity funds back in 2018. It also offers a plethora of other investment services including stocks, ETFs, managed accounts, retirement accounts, and more. You can also buy fractional shares for as little as $1 on Fidelity’s platform. 

Charles Schwab

Founded in 1971, Charles Schwab is one of the best investment firms for investors of all types, from beginners to professional investors. It is one of the largest investment companies in the world with $7.13 trillion in assets under management and a powerful trading platform. 

The trading platform offers extensive investor information, brokerage services, retirement plans, and other investment vehicles along with commission-free trading. In 2020, the company acquired TD Ameritrade. 

Merill Lynch

Merill(formerly Merill Lynch) was founded in 1914 and is now the investment management division of Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the United States. Its trading platform, Merill Edge was launched in 2010 and merged Bank of America’s online investing with Merril’s research, investment tools, and customer support, creating a powerful online trading platform. 

As of 2021, Merril had over $35.3 billion of assets under management. However, the company has also been under serious scrutiny by the EEOC in the past. 

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the top investment companies in the USA which is now owned by Charles Schwab Corporation. It was founded in 1975 in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2020, the company had over $1.3 trillion in assets under management and about 9,000 employees. 

The company is renowned for offering a wide range of low-cost investing services with a variety of advanced investor tools. As of now, TD Ameritrade recommends opening accounts directly with Schwab if you want to trade stocks, bonds, or funds. 

However, if you want to dive into futures and forex products, you can still open a TD Ameritrade account as these services are not yet available on Charles Schwab. The platform’s robo-advisor charges a 0.30% annual management fee and an account minimum of $5000. 


BlackRock is one of the top investment companies in the world based in New York City. It was founded in 1988 as an institutional assets manager and is now the world’s largest investment company with a technology platform that manages over $20 trillion in assets. 

Moreover, the company is also approved to trade in China. The company offers a wide range of funds and ETFs and is known for assisting investors plan for retirement with robust educational resources, extensive portfolio management, and trading tools. 

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The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association is one of the best investment firms for individuals in the fields of academia, medicine, research, or government. The company provides retirement, investment, and insurance services for individuals in these specific fields, along with special financial advisory. 

It was founded in 1918 by Andrew Carnegie and has over $1.3 trillion in assets under management. Its product offerings include mutual funds, brokerage accounts, savings funds, HSAs, and retirement accounts. Moreover, it also provides a variety of research tools for online investing and asset allocation. 

Edward Jones

Founded in 1922, Edward Jones is one of the top investment companies in the USA headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It offers a variety of financial services including wealth management, retirement, and college savings along with stocks, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds. However, it is important to note that this platform charges a higher fee than other platforms on this list. 

Edward Jones has a solid network of 15,000 branch offices and 19,000 financial advisors. The company has over $1.7 trillion in assets under management. This investment firm is also renowned for building face-to-face relationships with its clients and offering expert investment advice through a dedicated financial advisor. 


Prudential is a Fortune 500 company that offers retirement, investment, and insurance services. Its Personal Advisor Group offers a 30-minute free call with prospective customers. This helps them create a personalized strategy based on your specific goals and preferences. 

If you are looking for the top investment firms that offer tailored financial advice, Prudential is a solid choice. 

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Types of Investment Companies

Primarily, there are three types of investment companies. 

Open-End Companies: This type of investment company manages open-ended investment funds. They can issue shares at any time, which are purchased directly from the fund by investors. 

Unit Investment Trusts(UTIs): A UTI collects money from investors in a one-time public offering and invests it in a portfolio made of bonds and stocks. 

Closed-End Funds: A closed-end fund raises money through initial public offerings in bonds, stocks, and other types of securities. They do not offer funds for sale. Instead, they sell a fixed number of shares at once. They are listed on the stock exchange. 

How to Choose the Best Investment Firms?

We have listed the best financial investment firms in this article, but that does not mean that all of them will be the right option for you. As a high-net-worth individual, you will have specific needs and requirements and you need someone who understands and has specific tools to fulfill them. Here is how you can find the best investment company according to your specific requirements. 

  • Evaluate your requirements and identify your financial goals 
  • Conduct research and a background check to determine if the company has the right credentials and offers fiduciary services. 
  • Ensure that the company offers the right services that fulfil your requirements. 
  • Evaluate the compensation model to ensure zero conflict of interest
  • Check reviews of existing customers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company. 

Final Words

Nowadays, there are a wide range of financial services available online which makes opening investment accounts a lot easier. Moreover, individuals can get access to professional investment and financial advice to help build diversified portfolios for short-term as well as long-term growth. 

We have listed the top 10 investment companies in the USA to help you make an informed decision. Just remember to find an investment firm that offers reasonable rates and fulfils your investment and financial requirements. Make sure to take your time and research your options before making a decision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Can I purchase cryptos through an investment company?

Ans. Some investment companies do offer crypto trading on their online platform. Fidelity and E-Trade allow individuals to buy and trade cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Q. What is an expense ratio?

Ans. An expense ratio refers to how a particular fund allocates what goes towards investing and what is used to pay for services like management and marketing. The lower the expense ratio, the better it is for you. 

Q. What is a fiduciary?

Ans. A fiduciary is an individual that acts on the client’s behalf. They are bound to act in the interest of the client even if it means taking an investment loss to protect the client’s interest. In short, it is a reliable source of investment.