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Earn | How to Make Money on YouTube in 2023

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2023

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is gaining its popularity as varied creators have started exploring their skill set via making videos on this platform, and have earned stardom, and income as high as 7 figures. If you are a newbie or amateur in your youtube journey, we have a perfect package to help you elevate your career. While many individuals have mistaken themselves by assuming ads are the only sole source of income via YouTube. Affiliate Marketing, Merch sales, sponsored content and more are quick methods opening doors to better opportunities today. Sounds exciting? You can make money on YouTube in 2023 with the right marketing and strategy. 

There are ways to monetize YouTube, from endorsing brands, providing exclusive subscriptions, generating money through ads, or selling your products through your channel. Above all, consistent posting and quality content should remain your top priority. However, you must meet YouTube’s regulations and categories to monetize your video content efficiently. 

In this blog, we will walk you through numerous methods to generate revenue models that YouTube offers to creators. As a newbie, you must be perplexed with hundreds of doubts like how much money can you make on YouTube. How to get paid on YouTube? How many views on YouTube to make money and more? You have arrived at the right place, from methods, and tips to a few examples we will discuss Monetizing your YouTube channel thoroughly. 

How to get paid from YouTube?

With the growing demand, the creator economy is rising and enables many ways to make money on YouTube in 2023. While ads can help you generate adequate revenue, YouTube will meet the barrier of having a minimum of 1000 subscribers and average views (which we will discuss later in the blog). Remember, growing on YouTube may take time, there is no shortcut to engagement so maintain consistency in your branding and unique content. 

Tap on your creative mind, and ride on the wave of limitless potential on YouTube growth. Though, even if you haven’t reached 1000 subscribers yet, you can still generate revenue through this platform via affiliate marketing, approaching brands for creating sponsored content in exchange for offering a shout-out to the brand in your content, and recently YouTube has come up with a Membership wherein your audience will pay a few dollars to view your live streams, exclusive content, and opportunity to interact with you. 

Vital elements for monetizing YouTube

  • Content creators on YouTube can join a YouTube program after crossing 1000 subscribers to enable ads on their videos. 
  • In recent years, start YouTubers have crossed revenue of $55 million per year through YouTube alone. 
  • YouTube Programs and AdSense creators get access to multiple monetization features like brand building, Ads, Merchandise sales, and more. 

Ways to make money on YouTube

Are you struggling with monetizing your youtube channel and widening your reach? Wait, no more we have robust and effective ways to make money on YouTube outlined below to help you generate more revenue. 

1. Enable ads in your video via YouTube Partner Program Membership

When it comes to YouTube, Advertisement is the first option everyone has ads on their mind. But how can I involve ads in my videos? All you need to do is join YouTube Partner Program Membership to make money on YouTube in 2023.  

Sounds interesting? It isn’t that easy, you can’t be a partner with YouTube until you have 1000 subscribers on your channel, and you need 4000 past times on average within the past 1 year on your overall content. Check these boxes and update YouTube about these thresholds and get your revenue-making journey with YouTube started. 

Consider a few factors before you become a partner with YouTube

  • Your videos must meet with the regulation of YouTube’s monetization procedure
  • You need to link your account with your Google AdSense account
  • You must live in an eligible area

To be eligible for this program, click the monetization section in your Youtube Studio section. This will help you monitor your subscribers and track overall watch hours. And, finally when you are eligible YouTube will notify you directly. 

How to utilize YouTube Partner Program to increase revenue?

As a member of the YouTube Partner program, you will get access to chat features, enable you to include ads in your videos, and include subscribers from YouTube Premium who actively watch and support your content. Additionally, YouTube allows YouTubers with membership in this program to earn revenue on YouTube Shorts in 2023. 

In addition, YouTube follows a format of monetizing videos through pre-roll, display, or other advertisements. And, advertisers would usually pay based on views and impressions. YouTube pays 55% of the revenue to the creators and keeps the rest 45% with the platform. 

Sounds like a long tedious road to lead on? Don’t worry, by the time you meet the YouTube partner threshold, you can still focus to make money on YouTube in 2023 through different effective and feasible methods. 

2. Divert your efforts on Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is considered a beginner-friendly method to make money on YouTube in 2023. You can easily monetize traffic to your channel, especially if you have a niche in product reviews. Join us in understanding how Affiliate Marketing works.

  • The first step is looking for a brand or an individual seller who has an affiliate program, for instance, Amazon Associates, and quickly join the program. 
  • Once you get approved in the program, focus on following their process to build customized links to their product that you plan to feature on your channel or video. 
  • Make sure you provide a demo, and give reference to the product on your video. Then, paste custom affiliated links in your description box when you consistently upload videos to your channel. 

You can generate regular income through affiliate marketing by earning a commission whenever your audience clicks your custom links and purchases the product. 

One of the ideal options to monetize your YouTube is Amazon Associate, though there are a few suitable sources as well. You can explore different affiliate marketing sites for opportunities like ClickBank and ShareASale to find corporate partners and products to share on your channel. Additionally, you can reach out to your favorite brand and look at their sites to learn about their affiliate process. 

Remember that you make your audience aware of the affiliation activity with the brand and direct them toward the link mentioned in the description box when you upload your unique content. 

3. Approach brands for Sponsored Content

Companies or brands that are interested in your niche or your targeted audience will approach you upfront to sponsor your videos or may offer you product placement offers in exchange for the brand shoutout, which is termed as brand deal in the industry. 

When you develop a great following, brands will attract you as they have more opportunities to reach out massively through influencers that already these audiences trust. As and when your channel grows, you can begin contacting the ideal brands that you look forward to working with, or you can approach brands through various sources or sites catered to affiliate marketing services. This can be helpful for YouTubers to find corporate brands that meet their content style and niche. 

Talking about money, with sponsored content you can expect to receive a lump sum payment from these brands, even a commission on a per-sale basis, or at times you may get a product or service of the brand for free. 

If you endorse a product or brand in your videos, don’t forget to notify YouTube by ticking off the box while uploading content in the video details section. 

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4. Merchandising Sales

If you have your merchandise, or services to offer which is relevant to your audience preferences, then update them about your offerings and provide links to your videos. For instance, Marques Brownlee. known for his famous tech review channel - MKBHD provides links to his T-shirt and accessories to all his videos. 

Though, selling a physical product may demand a lot of effort, purchasing materials, and even finding a manufacturer to deliver a quality product. If this sounds like a big task to you, you can consider providing services like e-books, virtual lectures or courses, or even art pieces. Make sure you provide a secured payment option planned out before you start promoting your products and services. 

5. Memberships for your Audience

The membership model is another attractive source to improve viewership and make money on YouTube in 2023. This method enables YouTubers to earn through funds paid by subscribers, which means your fans will pay a subscription fee to your channel to acquire exclusive content and the opportunity to interact with YouTubers. 

Another option that you can explore is a third-party platform - Patreon. While YouTube has been rolling out its subscription features for various channels, for which you will have to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. If your channel hasn't grown yet you can explore third-party platforms easily to begin offering membership services to your audience. 

As they say, more viewers can help generate more revenue, and incentives like live streams, one on one video chats, or customized sessions can entice audiences to be a part of this paid membership. 

6. Follow YouTube Best Practices

As we mentioned above, creating engaging, and qualitative content matters to maximize your revenue on YouTube. Audiences come to YouTube either for entertainment or to solve any issue, so make sure you solve their purpose to maintain engagement, build a personal brand and gain trust among your audience. 

Another option you can utilize for best practices includes optimizing the search results of your audience. This means you will have to look at what the audience is looking for, either you can interact with the audience and understand their preferences or research and analyze Google trending topics. 

Lastly, in promoting your YouTube videos via social media platforms, paid ads will help you gain more traffic to your channel and widen awareness of your content. 

7. Master at SEO

We know you are wondering how SEO can help me monetize my YouTube channel. Strategizing YouTube video topics as per SEO analysis will help you attract organic traffic to your video. Make sure your video is searchable, is recommended to your target audience, and ranks high. 

If this sounds new to you, YouTube SEO can feel overwhelming in the beginning. Skim through a few tips to optimize your content to attract more audience and build your following. 

  • Research relevant keywords that match with your niche, and content type and ensure you use them in your video title, description, and video file. 
  • Categorize your video correctly
  • Use relevant hashtags and tags in your description below your video
  • Involve captions or subtitles along with your video

8. Collaborate with more creators on YouTubers

Often YouTubers find themselves stuck at growing their channels, you can consider adding exposure to your opportunity to increase viewership. Consider collaborating with other YouTubers, it will help you exchange audiences and shoot up your reach, views, subscription and hence generating revenue in the long term. 

You Tube Banner

How much money can you make on YouTube?

Depending on your subscribers, fan following, and engagement you can make money on YouTube in 2023 as good as seven figures in revenue like star YouTubers. Though, the number of star YouTubers worldwide is quite less. What about creators with an average following? Even if you have modest subscribers you can still earn a solid income through YouTube. 

The famous youtuber Stevin John with the channel Blippi earned $17 million in 2020, with huge metrics like 8.2 billion views and a million 27.4 subscribers he has won the YouTube game. Though, as we said this kind of success falls in exceptional situations. 

Talking about YouTubers with an average fan following, Keely Anne Smith known for curating content based on personal finance has 50,000 subscribers. As per Business Insider, she earned ad revenue of $900 from ads on YouTube. 

It is recommended for new YouTubers to lean on Affiliate marketing to monetize YouTube channels. Sean Cannell, a founder of Think Media channel states that YouTubers can earn up to $500 per week if they focus on implementing the right marketing strategy with the correct niche in place. 

How many views on YouTube to make money?

Many individuals misunderstand thinking YouTubers are paid based on daily views, that’s incorrect. If we talk about ads on YouTube, then you will be paid when the audience clicks on the link and makes a purchase. 

However, to enable ads on your video and be part of the YouTube Partner Program, you must have an average of 4000 views in the past 1 year, and a total of 1000 subscribers. Once you check the boxes with viewership criteria, you can expect $18 per 1000 views of the ads featured on your video.

If Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and merchandise sales are one of the primary sources of generating revenue for you then your subscribers, engagement, and fan following should matter to you more. 

Effective marketing tips to monetize YouTube

Every newbie is disquieted with questions like how to make money on YouTube. With the correct marketing strategy, consistent posting, and building a brand you will eventually generate robust revenue, but posting content that resonates with you isn’t enough to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Like every brand, your YouTube channel needs marketing and promotional activities to increase reach and awareness. Utilize the tips listed low to maximize your revenue and further opportunities with your channel. 

Use good Thumbnails

A high-quality thumbnail will help to reflect your video content. Most of your viewers would judge your thumbnail and accordingly decide whether to watch or skip your video. So, make sure your thumbnail design is attractive and eye-catching. 

Promote each video

Viewers and subscribers will automatically come to your video based on the fan following or through organic SEO traffic, but you don't want to skip the chance of increasing reach to your audience, right?

To promote your videos, you can create a short clip from your original video and post it across social media platforms with a countdown. Or you can set your video to premiere on YouTube to create hype and curiosity for your upcoming video. 

Consider Live Streaming

Live Streaming opens the doors for you to expand your offerings and connect with your audience more often. Your audience can know you more through live streaming, give a sense of real-time connection and create a good following. 


Bottom Line

YouTube is one of the proven platforms that has helped creators grow and earn promising income by creating loyal following and consistent unique and creative content. Despite challenging thresholds, and regulations many YouTubers are growing on this platform with emerging exciting opportunities. 

YouTubers are turning their content strategy into building trust and earning the audience’s interest and support to increase their opportunity to earn revenue in the future. We hope you have found your ideal solution to doubts like how to monetize YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How to Make Money on YouTube?

There are multiple options to generate revenue from YouTube, one of the popular options includes featuring ads on your video. However, it may take time as YouTube will ask you to build at least 1000 subscribers. Till the time your channel grows to these metrics, you can focus on other income sources like:

Affiliate Marketing
Brand endorsing
Sponsored content
Merchandising sales
Membership offerings

Q.2 How to Monetize YouTube?

Marketing and other options can help you generate revenue from YouTube. But with the correct marketing strategy, consistent posting, and uploading unique content is a must. Even if you feature ads in your videos, but your audience finds your video content monotonous and dull you will start losing your followers.