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Earn | Best NFT Games To Earn Money in 2023

Best NFT Games To Earn Money in 2023

Best NFT Games To Earn Money in 2023

The video game industry has evolved significantly over the past few years. From simple 2D platformers to complex AAA 3D games, the gaming industry has come a long way. One of the best additions in the gaming space has been NFT games that offer Play-to-earn capabilities. These games are based on Blockchain technology and offer an unprecedented gaming experience with the added bonus of earning money. 

In traditional gaming, players would buy the latest game and the money only flowed from the consumers to the video game developers. Moreover, the utility provided by traditional games was not at the maximum level. Sure, players could accumulate coins, gems, and more and unlock special items, but these items are only useful throughout the game and have no real value outside the gaming ecosystem. 

However, blockchain-based NFT games are targeted towards the young generation and focus on providing gamers with the maximum value for their money. For instance, if you unlock a special item in a cross-platform NFT-based game, that purchased item is interoperable and can be transferred to your crypto wallet and traded for real money or cash. NFT games allow gamers to transfer their collectables and sell them to others for real money through NFT marketplaces. 

Are you also intrigued by NFT games to make money? In this blog, we will provide an in-depth guide on NFT Games along with a list of the best NFT games to earn money. But first, let’s understand more about what NFT games are. 

What are Play-to-Earn NFT Games?

NFT games are just like traditional games with one very distinct difference. In traditional games, players can unlock new items and collectables by completing various quests and achievements. However, these collectables are limited to the game’s ecosystem and have no real value outside the game. 

In play to earn NFT games, players can transfer their items and another game or just sell them at NFT marketplaces for real money. Moreover, each NFT is unique and comes with a certificate of ownership, meaning it can’t be replicated. This allows the players to fetch a high value on the marketplace, making NFT games one of the best ways to make money through gaming. 

Moreover, NFT gaming is just in its initial phase of development. It is estimated to be one of the leading gaming trends in 2023. According to a study by Globe Market Estimates, the global NFT market is projected to grow by a whopping 185% by the year 2026 and gamers will be one of the biggest contributors to this growth. 

The global economy of blockchain-based play-to-earn NFT games is growing rapidly and these games provide a great way to earn real money while playing your favourite games. The potential of NFT games is attracting both investors and gamers towards the game simultaneously. This is due to the maximum value NFT games provide while also offering exciting options to gamers. 

Benefits of the Top NFT Games to Earn Money

NFT games provide multiple benefits to both players and developers. However, we will be focusing on the benefits players can reap by participating in play to earn NFT games. 


Traditional games offer players various in-app purchases that can affect their gaming progress. However, these items have no real value outside of the game and can’t be resold to get the money back. This is because owners don’t really own these assets and all in-game items are owned by the game itself and can only be used in a particular game. 

However, NFT games are based on the blockchain technology. Blockchain provides a decentralized environment, giving players true ownership of their in-game assets. They can buy, sell, and trade these assets according to their own will. Moreover, they can also transfer these items to their NFT wallets and auction them at an NFT marketplace to get a higher value.

Play-to-Earn Gaming

One of the primary advantages of NFT games is that they offer play-to-earn gaming, meaning players can earn real money while having fun playing their favourite games. People who are passionate about gaming and spend hours in front of a computer screen finally have a way to make a sustainable income through gaming. Moreover, players are not required to participate in professional gaming tournaments for real cash prizes. 

However, it does take a basic understanding of trading and cryptocurrency to draw a proper income through NFT games. Still, making money from play to earn NFT games is still way easier than working a 9 to 5 corporate job. 

Enhanced Security

While NFT games provide a stable source of income, there is always a risk factor since it is entirely based on the internet. In the digital world of finance, cybersecurity is a growing issue. However, you are completely safe(for the most part) with NFT-based games. Since these games are based on the blockchain, each transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is completely anonymous, making it harder for cyberhackers to trace you, providing a robust security system. 

Data transferred is stored in blocks of chains, each with its unique key. If any external interference is registered on a particular block, the attacked block becomes invalid with the entire transaction. With NFT games, you can rest assured that no cybercriminal is going to steal your data or information. 


Unlike traditional games, NFT games are decentralized. This means that all the in-game assets and collectables in the game are interoperable and can be easily transferred to your NFT wallet or another game and used. This interoperability allows NFT gamers to trade, sell, and buy their collectables amongst themselves. Moreover, if you score a rare and unique NFT, you can also auction it at NFT marketplaces and sell it to the highest bidder. 

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Top NFT Games to Earn Money

 Now that we have understood what are NFT games along with their benefits, let’s take a look at the best NFT games to make money while gaming.

1. Axie Infinity

If you are looking for the best NFT games to earn money, take a look at Axie Infinity. This game makes the crowd gather with its version of the game. The ideology of the game is concise and easy. For instance, raising a pet called Axie and breeding it to create generations of creatures, each one inheriting traits from its relatives, Collecting and trading Axies on NFT marketplaces or in-game with the rare breeds earns a large sum of money. 

The game is featured with standard modes such as quests, player-versus-player battles, adventures-earning smooth love potion (SLP), and the game's utility token, which is used to pay for the breeding Axies. In many ways, Axie Infinity is similar to Digimon or Pokemon.

2. The Sandbox

When talking about the top NFT games to earn money, you can’t leave out The Sandbox. It is one of the most successful decentralized NFT games, but at the same time, it is not a game but a creator platform. Think of The Sandbox like an NFT-based Roblox or Minecraft. The game can be played and also be used to build new games and in-game assets. Only here, in the Sandbox, a player can own their creations and sell and trade digital items, full games, and more on the platform marketplace using the SAND token.

The other side of the game mode is where an individual can develop a world of their own by adding games and experiences and building a metaverse inside The Sandbox. One can explore other player's worlds that have been created by them, play games, and also export the contents into their own universe. This is governed by the LAND token, which enables the players to vote on the new features, tools, and directions of The Sandbox.

3. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is among the most popular NFT games to make money. The game was developed by Chris Clay, so it's no surprise that this free-to-play NFT card battle game shares much in common with Wizards of the Coasts' successful tabletop title. Similarly to the MtG Arena, the idea here is to battle the other players using cards, and with the combination of cards, each has unique statistics, strengths, and weaknesses to understand and harness. It's a well-designed strategic game where the good players can win, and it's not the value of your hand that matters.

Gods Unchained succeeds as one of the best play-to-earn NFT games because it is free, requires skill, and uses NFTs to enhance its traditional ideas. Cards are earned from playing and earning experience points, and these can be bought and sold, earning you real money on the crypto marketplace Immutable X as well as in-game as GODS tokens. GODS tokens can be used to fuse and enhance cards, create rare new versions, or buy packs of cards. This would be the best NFT game for card battle gamers.

4. Defi Kingdoms

The Defi Kingdoms title looks like an SNES role-playing game from the '90s  or an Indie farming game like Harvest Moon. This play-to-earn NFT game shows how NFTs are used in games as it marries the underlying utility of NFTs with classic game designs. One can play DeFi Kingdoms by getting a retro RPG, questing for XP and items, managing your in-game resources, and developing your hero. But in DeFi Kingdoms, accumulates JEWEL tokens which can be converted to Harmony One cryptocurrency.

The by-product of the DeFi Kingdoms approach appropriately means that it is possible to explain the complicated NFT and decentralize crypto concepts to people using storytelling and lore. DeFi Kingdoms is a gateway to NFTs, but it has no free entry to play.

5. Splinterlands

Splinterlander offers collecting and trading mechanisms for physical card games like Magic: The Gathering, but digitally. This is a strength of NFTs; they can even create verified rarity and enable users to trade and collect digital cards. Every action in Splinterlands is recorded in the Hive Blockchain, ensuring everything is proven.

This game is quite similar to Gods Unchained and other strategic card-fighting titles, like the non-NFT game Hearthstone. Cards have values and statistics, and some are rare and worth more. Duplicating the cards may improve their powers. Just as in Gods Unchained, a player has to pay to play Splinterlands; a new card pack must be bought before beginning the game. Getting cards might be random, so there is the spectre of gaming loot box mechanics hanging over Splinterlands. The player can earn more cards from battles and quests.

6. Sorare-Fantasy Football

Looking for the top NFT games to earn money with a fantasy sports component, look no further than Sorare. It is a fantasy-powered football game, and now there's an MLB edition too. It actually mixes both ideas into weekly tournaments where a user's deck of cards is affected by the real-world stats and events of the globe's major football leagues.

Collecting cards from real-world footballers and choosing a deck of five sports starts the weekly competitions. How these footballers perform in the week determines the point tally, just like in fantasy football. There are more than 200 licenced clubs in the game, including Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. Entry into the game is free, and a user receives a starter pack. The user can win and earn rare cards as well as Ethereum from playing. The user is required to buy rare, super-rare, and unique cards if needed to progress and win more matches.

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7. Wizards and Dragons: Reborn

Wizards and Dragons: Reborn is a popular play to earn NFT game. It was created from the open source code of another title called Wool Game, hence the 'Reborn' name. The developer saw a way to improve where the previous game had failed and mobilised the community swiftly. The game is an RPG where Wizards accumulate GP tokens from PvP quests, and a job system is also planned but not implemented while avoiding the Dragons, that steal their GP. 

There's also a training aspect to the gameplay, which means your NFT-powered Wizard can grow as you win battles and reinvest the earnings. Wizards and Dragons: Reborn is a fascinating idea, but there is a sense that the NFT side of this game overshadows the gameplay at present. The time will tell if this evolves enough or if it collapses completely.

8. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is comprised of the exploration of space in mining, trading, and combat to promise an experience that is close to classic sim Elite or the newer No Man's Sky, but here a user can earn real money from the galactic endeavours.

The game offers triple-A gaming visuals and performance and also sets the standard for future NFT games. Gameplay is built around the player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) missions. An individual can invest in a fleet by purchasing ships and items from the in-game marketplace.

The game begins with a level of mainstream gameplay for the NFT utility. The game does not offer a free-to-play option, so the play-to-earn model may see many gamers putting it off.

9. Parallel

Looking for one of the best NFT games to make money with a sci-fi component, check out Parallel. This is a science fiction card game akin to Magic: The Gathering. The story revolves around concepts like the different races coming together to find the common truth in order to solve differences and save the universe, which means Parallel has a community-based cooperative aspect to the collection of cards.

Different card collections approach the yield with different rewards in the release of the PRIME token. This opens the door to the Echelon ecosystem, and the team and the other partners intend to introduce a series of new projects. While the card battles already exist, the Parallel looks similar to reinventing the crypto-based trading card game genre with the greatest art, storytelling, and DEFI (decentralized finance) mechanisms; for example, there won't be reprints of the cards, ensuring their rarity.

10. The Waking Dead: Empires

The Waking Dead: Empires is one of the new breeds of licensed NFT games that aim to ape the gameplay of linear games, in the case of survival MMORPGs, while offering an NFT base from which to do it. This similarly means that a user can play and earn, but also team up for a game with strong social aspects.

The game indulges in empires, meaning you can buy and own collectable cards and items, craft new gear, build towns, and own lands just as you would in a standard game, but here, if other players use your gear or play on your land, you can earn from the same.

Like many of the best NFT games in development, users can buy character card packs and begin their game.

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Future of NFT Gaming

Considering the statistics and high popularity of play to earn NFT games, it is not hard to predict that the future of NFT games is very bright. While NFT games are not particularly popular now, Web3 technology is expanding and gradually becoming mainstream. As the Web3 gaming community expands, the trading value of NFTs on marketplaces will rise, reducing waiting time for transactions and increasing liquidity. 

Moreover, NFT games provide excellent benefits to gamers. Like in Axie Infinity, players can rent out their Axies through the Axie Infinity Scholarship and generate a sustainable passive income. 

However, we also can’t deny that the gaming industry is still sceptical about NFT games. According to the NFT gaming adoption report, over 16.9% of Americans are playing NFT games. Moreover, approximately 14% of the U.S. population owns and invests in cryptocurrency. 

The people are well aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies. The most expensive NFT art piece was valued and sold at $91.8 million whereas the most costly gaming NFT was sold at $1.1 million in the year 2021. These statistics are proof that NFTs are developing much faster than cryptocurrency and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. 


Final Words

NFTs are a great asset to the gaming industry, providing benefits and features that traditional games just can’t match. One of the best benefits of NFT games is that they allow players to earn real money while simultaneously enjoying a gaming session. Moreover, thanks to Blockchain technology, NFT games provide enhanced security with decentralization. It also ensures that the game owners are the true owners of in-game assets. The benefits of NFT games for players are abundant. 

If you are a GenZ who loves to play games and just entered adulthood, you should definitely check out NFT-based games that offer play-to-earn capabilities. It can be a great side hustle and serve as a constant stream of income that will help you become financially stable early in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are the best NFT games to earn money in 2023?

Ans. There are plenty of NFT games that offer real cash prizes to players. These games offer NFTs as a reward for completing various quests and achievements. Some of the best play to earn NFT games include- 

1. Axie Infinity
2. Splinterlands
3. Gods Unchained
4. CryptoKitties
5. Defi Kingdoms, and more.

Q.2 What is the future of play-to-earn NFT Games?

Ans. While NFT games are still in their developmental phase, the future seems especially bright. More and more gamers are gravitating towards NFT-based games as they provide exciting features that are not available in traditional games. According to statistics, the global NFT games market size was valued at $3.29 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 17.9% and is projected to reach a market value of $8.85 billion by the year 2028. 

Q.3 How can I earn a substantial income from video games in 2023?

Ans. Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It offers plenty of revenue-generating opportunities for gamers. For instance, you can play online games that offer real money cash prizes to earn a solid income. Some other ways to earn money from video games include- 

Video Game Coaching
Video Game Testing
Professional Gaming
Game Streaming on YouTube or Twitch, and more.